The Week of
The Titan

The Week of
The Titan

Dec 11 - Dec 18
Secretly insecure

Those born during the Week of the Titan think on a grand scale. Their minds are usually geared to big projects, whether planning a family get-together or mapping out a business strategy. Disliking pettiness in all forms, they see the total picture first, and generally avoid getting hung up on the details. These people are big-hearted, and give shamelessly, but are realistic enough to expect something in return.

They reach for the stars, but they keep both feet solidly on the ground. Their ambitions and aspirations are firmly rooted in the here and now. Whether small or large of frame, they are physically imposing, and make their presence felt in any gathering. The persona they project is big, and hard to take in all at once. This feeling that they are difficult to walk around can also extend to the sense that they can’t easily be gotten out of the way—can’t be bamboozled by airy schemes or faulty reasoning. Those personally involved with these powerful individuals will inevitably have to reckon with playing a subordinate role.

It can be dangerous to come between these individuals and their goals, for once they have made up their mind they move with lightning speed. Their friends and family learn soon enough what a given mood foretells—quiet or action. The people who get along best with them try to read their emotional weather report at the beginning of the day, for it may well determine the outcome of any project at the day’s end. Their more disturbing aspects may have to be overlooked or ignored in the cause of group harmony and effective action.

There are moody and disturbing elements to their personality that may strain living and working relationships. If such individuals are depressed, they are hard to budge. They often internalize external pressures and may, in consequence, exhibit chronic (rather than acute) physical and mental symptoms. Those close to them will eventually have to try to cheer them up, or get them to take a more positive view of their lives, but often to no avail—for these people actually find these dark moods an essential way of withdrawing from the world to chew things over. Extremely thoughtful, they can ruminate over a problem or plan for weeks or months before finally coming up with a solution. In this activity they are best left alone.

Since their emotions come from a very deep place, their eruptions of feeling can be nothing short of volcanic. It is extremely important, then, that they spend time with people who are sympathetic to them, and with whom they can periodically unburden themselves by discussing whatever is on their mind. Like a pressure cooker, smoldering crater or grinding tectonic plate, they need to let energy loose in small doses if they are to avoid being shaken apart by the “big one.” Complaining is actually healthy for these people, and those who understand them welcome their occasional fussing and grumbling; the alternative is a good deal worse.

They are drawn to magical and ecstatic experiences, not only in their personal lives but also in their careers. What basically attracts them, after all, is the impossible challenge, and they love to pull off miracles both minor and major before their astonished colleagues’ eyes. Yet they cannot be called competitive, since there seems to be so little to fear from their fortified citadels that no real competition is possible. That outlook may seem egotistical, but it gives some idea of their self-confidence and assurance.

And yet, behind the massive bulwark of their personality, somewhere in a remote back passage lurks insecurity. This is their greatest enemy. A wee voice still murmurs from time to time, “Are you really as rock-solid as you seem?” The answer, of course, is no, but the world is usually fooled until a crack appears in the Mount Rushmore–like facade. Everyone has some kind of insecurity, of course, so it should come as no surprise that they do, too; what is important, however, is their inability to recognize or deal with it. This lack of self-awareness may be the high price they pay for their peace of mind.

The most successful lovers and mates for them are often those who can weave a magical spell around them, after first lulling them into letting their guard down. They actually enjoy being enchanted by those very special individuals who can lighten their ponderous workload or their crushing personal responsibilities. Their mates will benefit from their protective and capable ways but can also come to feel imprisoned, and may chafe under the feeling that the full expression of their own talents and abilities is denied.

Those born during the Week of the Titan are so focused and single-minded by nature that there is usually little difficulty in distinguishing between their desires and their needs, which are in some cases identical. Those emotionally involved with them know what they demand, and usually face only one decision—comply or resist. Negotiation or compromise is not in the picture. Still, like the giant in a fairy tale, they can be fooled, often without finding out about it until later.


  • Learn to enjoy the little things, the simple pleasures of life.
  • Try to be more understanding of others.
  • Apply your ethical standards to yourself and concentrate more of your energies on personal growth.
  • Find a way to blend in when necessary and avoid ruffling feathers.