The Day of Disconnected Unconscious

The Day of Disconnected Unconscious

Jul 02
The shadow in each of us is not to be feared, but to be better known

July 2 people, like all empaths, are strongly emotive and receptive to the feelings of others. Those born on this day generally fall into two main types: those that keep such intense feelings to themselves, and those that flamboyantly express them. The more repressed July 2 person must learn to loosen up, while a flamboyant July 2 person may have to temper the abundance of his/her emotional output.

July 2 people are often assailed by personal doubts and a lack of self-confidence. Such insecurity may not be apparent to others, especially when those born on this day are well-accomplished. Part of the reason for this is that most July 2 people do not wish to burden others with their problems. Overcoming doubts for them can be a private matter and they are not quick to seek positive reinforcement from others.

July 2 people lead a very active fantasy life, but of course much of this activity remains relegated to the unconscious world of dreams or daydreaming, never to be considered in an active light. Nonetheless, the key to self-understanding for a July 2 person is in recognizing the effect of unconscious fantasies on the emotional life and self-image. Thus, in a sense, their conscious and unconscious minds have to get to know each other better. Self-examination of this kind requires time and mental energy, which, in the case of July 2 people, may be largely spent on daily concerns. But if those born on this day make an investment in personal development, it may pay practical dividends in improved health and work performance or even lead to major life changes. Indeed, a socially successful July 2 person is often able to put a well-integrated fantasy life directly in the service of their career.

Love partners of July 2 people may play an important role in encouraging such psychological work. Those born on this day have an emotional richness and depth of feeling which is well worth the effort to bring out. However, July 2 people are also extremely sensitive and do not react well to what they perceive as confrontation, accusation or blame; because they are so sensitive, their armor must be dismantled rather than pierced, and this takes a great deal of patience and understanding, indeed.

Extroverted July 2 people can be confused when their well-meant but overly emotional expression is misunderstood; a July 2 introvert may be unable to handle the aggressiveness of others and in confrontational situations is likely to either explode or, more often, withdraw. When July 2 people succeed in balancing their emotional and fantasy life, they exude a stability that elicits more desirable responses from others.


Many extroverted July 2 people have a propensity for hysterical behavior and tend to wear themselves down in expressions of anxiety and nervous energy. Introverted July 2 people often promote chronic illness through suppressing emotions. Both types must beware of seeking a drug-induced state of balance, as it is of course a temporary and perhaps harmful solution. The expression of love (both physical and spiritual) is very important to the continued health of July 2 people. A calm, understanding and patient partner may aid greatly in their development, particularly a partner not highly reactive to their moods. Moderate exercise and a regular, carefully controlled diet are recommended for July 2 people.


Those born on the 2nd of the month are ruled by the number 2 and by the Moon. Since those ruled by the number 2 often make good co-workers and partners, rather than leaders, this attribute complements the more passive qualities of the introverted July 2 type. However, for the more extroverted July 2 person, it may also act as a brake on individual initiative and action, producing frustration. This is further enhanced by the Moon (also Cancer’s ruler) having strongly reflective and passive tendencies. These Moon and Number 2 qualities can be still stronger in a July 2 person who was a second child—such children often grow up being subservient to an older sibling.


The 2nd card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess, shown seated on her throne, calm and impenetrable. She is a spiritual woman who reveals hidden forces and secrets, empowering us with that knowledge. Favorable qualities of this card are silence, intuition, reserve and discretion; negative values are secretiveness, mistrust, indifference and inertia, emphasizing certain passive tendencies found in introverted July 2 people who may wait too long before taking action.


  • Get in touch with your fantasy life.
  • Examine how it conflicts with your emotional nature, then put it to work for you.
  • Balance your inner and outer worlds.
  • Try to meet the needs of others more effectively.