The Season of

The Season of Development

Jun 21 - Sep 23

Result- and reward-oriented, these folks need to pick the vegetables and fruits they grow, but also eat them too.

The summer solstice usually occurs on June 21st in the northern hemisphere (this date marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, but in the southern hemisphere summer begins on December 21st). At this magical time, days are longer and nights shorter than at any other time of the year. As summer wears on, however, the days shorten and the nights lengthen. Summer is the second quarter, or 90° degree segment, of the yearly cycle. It extends from the summer solstice to the fall equinox.

Summer is traditionally the period in which the new life of springtime grows to maturity. Temperatures are at their warmest during this period, and most of animal life experiences lazy afternoons when it is too hot for much movement. This is traditionally the time for vacations, for taking off from work to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. School is out, and more young people are thus active and about in the mornings. Colorful flowers and blossoms abound. All the fullness and abundance of nature is revealed. The rhythm of life in this quadrant is slower and more sensual, but diets tend to be lighter, and clothing freer. Life is in many respects easier in summer than at any other time of the year.

Generally speaking, those born in the summertime have more measured responses than those born in the spring and, although enthusiastic, are more critical. Their energies are perhaps a bit less focused on initiating projects and more on bringing them to fruition. Summertime people tend to be a mixture of introvert and extrovert, but feelings now play a more important role in coloring their lives. Empathic urges to help and become involved with others are strong during this period. Summertime people often experience an emotional interaction not only with people but with their work and environment.

Summertime people may not display an overwhelming need to bring their contributions out in the world. Many hidden characteristics develop at this time, and being appreciated is not always the most important thing. Rather than placing their freedom and independence above all else, summertime people are prepared to serve others and also to invest time in them. Summertime people need to be needed.