The Path of the Compassionate Empath

The Path
of the Compassionate Empath

Learning the lesson that they are capable of participating fully in the world

The Way of Compassion holds considerable promise for those born during the Week of the Empath, providing they can work to keep their emotions in hand. Highly sensitive and caring, Week of the Empath people nonetheless have a tendency to believe that they alone are responsible for the world’s ills and they alone are capable of solving the world’s problems. The danger here is of developing a hypervigilant and overly responsible attitude. Week of the Empath people should take care to establish some boundaries between themselves and others, for it is only by releasing control that they will be able to discover the joy of giving and working for the larger, less personal goals of life. Nevertheless, Week of the Empath people are deeply attracted to spirituality and have a natural affinity for the kind of moral code found in many world religions. Thus, they do wonderfully well as ambassadors and spokespeople for the higher good and a better way of life for all humankind.