The Week of
The Empath

The Week of
The Empath

Jun 24 - Jul 02
Financially Astute
Technically Proficient

Those born during the Week of the Empath are hard to figure out. Emotionally complex, they combine sharply contrasting qualities in their psychological makeup. They may give an entirely different impression one moment than in another, according to their mood. They may strike one person as outgoing, another as retiring, one as positive and expansive, another as negative and depressive, still others as easygoing, others as difficult. Only those who live with them day in and day out are fully able to appreciate their depth and diversity.

Part of the reason for the variety of their emotional palette is their sensitivity. Empathic, these folks quickly pick up on the feelings of others—so much so that they may mistake such feelings for their own. They may find themselves replaying other people’s scripts and hence playing a role in life’s daily drama that is not really theirs. Developing their self-awareness, gaining an accurate view of their personal interactions and getting a grip on their emotions will be essential to them.

Because they are so at the mercy of the feelings of others as children, they generally cry out for protection. Even when protection is granted, they may spend a lifetime seeking out people to mother and nurture them. But if they are instead exposed to tough and unsympathetic treatment by their families and, later, by the world, they are capable of surrounding themselves with a virtually impenetrable shell. Love can enable such individuals to feel again, melting their outer defenses and allowing them to express their true emotions. A great deal of pent-up resentment and frustration may have to be voiced, however, before their hurt is eased and they are able to trust again.

One should not get the idea, however, that such persons are wishy-washy characters out of touch with worldly realities. In fact, they are very clever in getting their way. They generally give money a high priority, and are often financially astute. Their investment sense can be excellent, and they frequently make stocks and other holdings pay off. Also in the realm of technical skills, they show a good grasp of whatever material they make their own, and a good ability to implement their plans.

Aggression can play an ambiguous role in their lives: they are naturally aggressive, and can have difficulty sublimating this instinct into positive expression, particularly in the sexual, verbal or athletic sphere. Too often they swing from angry outbursts to repression, which often leads them into melancholia, in extreme cases, their anger can be self-destructive. Finding a métier that allows them easy expression of their aggression is an important life task for them, and one that they often overlook.

These folks are capable of withdrawing from the world for months or even years, doing battle with themselves in an attempt to come to grips with their problems. The challenge such an individual faces is to move from being a person helplessly adrift in a sea of feeling, just able to keep his or her head above water, into being one who can swim confidently in the swift currents of life.

The most successful are those who can put their fantasy to work in a constructive way, and who can share their unique view of the world with others. First, of course, they must conquer their inner fears and liberate themselves from self-imposed, or parentally-imposed, behavioral stereotypes. Next they may have to overcome inflexibility and real or imagined handicaps. Through sheer guts and determination, they are often capable of overcoming these and other obstacles, and of putting their acute psychological perceptions to work in the service of those around them. Professionally they often do well when self-employed, operating from a home base that may be connected to their living space. Should they choose to have children, the caring and nurturing aspects of their personalities augur well for their abilities as parents.

For those who live with them, it may be difficult to stand by and watch as they bottle up their feelings or enter into their self-imposed isolation. While it may look like self-torture, it is almost impossible, and in fact usually inadvisable, to get down in the soup with them. A more beneficial stance is usually to back off and wait patiently until they surface and seek human interaction again. Patience is an obligatory virtue for those desiring a successful relationship with these individuals.

On the other hand, those born during the Week of the Empath have a great deal to offer in a relationship: sympathy, technical proficiency, financial astuteness and a good managerial sense. Because of their need to spend time at home, they can be counted on to keep things in good working order and to provide comfort and security.

These folks can be extremely persuasive, at times too much so. Their need to persuade can outstrip the advisability of their counsel, leaving them saddled with the guilt of having sent someone off in a wrong direction. Such individuals pride themselves on doing their homework on given subjects, and when their research is thorough it will yield positive results. Good friends know, however, that emotional strain can cloud their thoughts, easily throwing them off track, so that they may offer confused judgments and advice with the same air of conviction and authority as cogent ones.


  • Don’t armor yourself too heavily—on the other hand remain discriminating.
  • Allow others the freedom to take risks.
  • Though your salesmanship may be excellent, it is not always appreciated.
  • Don’t only challenge your fears—overcome them through self-liberation and action.