The Month of
The Voyager

The Month of The Voyager

Nov 22 - Dec 21
Sign Sagittarius
Mode Intuition
Motto I Philosophize

The Month of the Voyager is the ninth month of the Personology year. Those fiery individuals born this month symbolize the growing philosophical outlook of the human spirit—its expansiveness, optimism and refusal to get bogged down in details (i.e., its capacity to see the big picture).

The philosopher in these folks may let fly their arrow straight to the heart of the matter. They will seek to ennoble the human condition—their arrows can also carry us all to the stars. They may err on the side of excess (going too far or too fast) but they urge us not to succumb to pettiness or base actions. They encourage themselves and others to see the best side of things.

People born during the Month of the Voyager transmute fixed, powerful and controlling energies into aspiring, earthy and pragmatic ones.

Their personality can be likened to those fully empowered individuals who have begun to move away from the world of family and career responsibilities to devote themselves to personal or universal concerns. Such an orientation is underlined by their expansiveness, optimism and desire to see the whole picture.

In addition, honesty of intention and belief are strong ethical principles which they apply to themselves as well as to others. But although they generally have a positive outlook on life, too often they get caught up in disputes due to their idealistic opinions. Their electric energies are prodigious but invariably flag when crucial self-motivation and self-confidence decline.

These people are eternal students, constantly seeking to know more about the world. Not surprisingly, they are particularly interested in nature and animals—the latter can come to represent an ideal which they feel humans would do well to emulate. Many of them go so far as to ultimately reject many of society’s values in favor of a higher truth. They must be careful not to be overly condemning of others who do not share their beliefs.

Those born during the Month of the Voyager have a legendary reputation for movement and travel, but when they find their groove, they can be remarkably content to stay in one place. Within the confines of their home, they feel comfortable to explore the realms of thought as well as to develop new, challenging projects. Rarely bored, these people constantly seek out new ways in which they can express themselves.

Their Pattern of Development

Coming to terms with the need for consistency in their consideration of their fellows indicated by the Way of Consideration may prove something of a struggle for those born during the Week of the Titan. They possess the capacity to take others into account; it’s just that their attention is easily sidetracked by their grand schemes. Rugged individualists, they may also do a fair amount of wrestling with issues of commitment versus freedom and caring versus control as they tread this path. Indeed, these rather heroic types may do a great deal of soul-searching in the process of discovering just what it is that others expect of them, for they are possessed of such a degree of confidence that they are often quite bewildered when things fail to go according to plan. Yet if they exalt their more thoughtful side and turn inward in the search for greater enlightenment, they are sure to find the answers necessary to enjoy a fruitful and expansive journey.