The Season of

The Season of Maintenance

Sept 23 - Dec 21

These are the people who can be relied upon to hang in there, institue repairs if necessary and keep things going year after year.

The fall equinox usually occurs around September 23rd in the northern hemisphere. At this time of harvest, days and nights are again of equal length. As fall wears on, however, the days grow shorter and the nights longer. Fall is the third quarter of the yearly cycle, extending from the fall equinox to the winter solstice.

Fall is traditionally the period at which time the final harvest of summer growth takes place—afterwards, much of the ground is covered by leaves or mulch for the winter. A decomposition of plant life now begins by which the earth is enriched. Most of the farmland lies fallow during this period but some winter crops can be planted. Temperatures begin to drop as the sun shares less of itself, and freezing nights are evinced by morning frost. Some animal life goes into hibernation or migrates to a warmer climate. Deciduous trees change color in riotous displays, and an autumn nip is in the air. The rhythm of life of this quadrant is quicker and more survival-oriented. High-energy or bulk diets are preferred here (both by animals and humans). The bounty of foodstuffs is waning, and life again becomes more difficult.

Generally speaking, those born in the fall demonstrate both a greater ability and need to control their external environment. Autumnal people are rarely as enthusiastic as those born in the spring and summer, being rather more selective and critical. Maintenance is the overriding consideration here rather than initiation or development of new projects. In some respects, autumnal people tend to be more introverted and thoughtful than springtime and summertime people. Feelings are kept under stricter control. Yet, social urges are more maturely and fully expressed here also—friendships, group and community activities, direct working contributions to society are important at this time. Autumnal people manifest a strong urge to share and take part in serious and fulfilling relationships.

Those born in the fall have a heightened awareness of what is going on around them, perhaps greater than that of any other seasonal group. Impulse and emotion may be lower key in autumnal people, but often more subtle and complex. Both self–understanding and self–control are given high priority.

Autumnal folks tend to be more concerned with nurturing ideas and with survival than with bringing new life into the world. Childbearing and childrearing generally speaking may not hold as central a place for autumnal people as for those born at other times of the year. Sexuality and affection, on the other hand, may hold a deeper meaning and be highly valued by autumnal people. Rather than being positive per se, the attitude of those born in this period is realistic, and positive only when justified by the course of external events.