The Path of
the Extended Originator

The Path
of the Extended Originator

Originating a new way of looking at something

Practical and useful application of spiritual knowledge will likely come easily to Week of the Originator people who travel the Way of Extension. Yet they will have to work extremely hard to overcome their feelings of inferiority and insecurity if they are to function at their most effective levels. Gifted with great intelligence and originality, they will doubtless specialize in finding new approaches to old problems or putting an entirely different spin on information that others take for granted. Cultivating greater objectivity will therefore be especially useful, as will the ability to release their fears of being rejected or misunderstood. These individuals will work out their destiny within a relatively secure and manageable context as long as they do not become overly dependent on those they trust and love. They can make great progress along this path, especially when they display their gifts in a technical, scientific, or research-oriented environment.